Our Selling Process

We assist you in selecting the appropriate property

We can assist you in selecting the appropriate property at the appropriate price at the appropriate location, whether you are purchasing a new house, investing in an apartment to rent, or buying for the goal of obtaining an EU citizenship. 

Our team members are fluent in many languages, have extensive real estate and business experience on a global scale and are knowledgeable about the Cyprus real estate market. In order to help purchasers feel safe and comfortable about their home or investment, we provide a number of property services.

We assist you in selecting the appropriate properties and connect you with the finest experts

We help present the best offer for your selected property

We assist with potential negotiations and advise you on how to make the best offer. Offers are sometimes carefully negotiated and sent back and forth between the buyer and the seller before being accepted. 

Our goal is to understand the financial limits of each property so that we may better represent your interests in any negotiations. In order to bid on properties at the appropriate market value, we constantly endeavor to offer advice on actual market prices. 

Our clients benefit from our full service, recognized real estate expertise and our partnerships with Cyprus' most prestigious builders and associates.

Following all appropriate legal steps while being transparent guarantees a trouble-free investment

We follow a transparent, secure and legal process

As new technologies like cryptocurrency develop, the real estate sector is changing drastically. It is important to understand both how these technologies and the traditional real estate market work. Governments are unable to comprehend the rapid advancement of technology and modify their legal frameworks to accommodate it fast enough. 

We view ourselves as industry pioneers in our understanding of technology, as well as the constraints of the present legal frameworks and we are able to help and make things happen quickly, safely, and transparently following all legal means.


Our consultants are standing by to discuss your needs.

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